Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gramma's curtains

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I put out a request for an Individual Challenge in the 52 Weeks Group,
and I got: "how about something staged and indoor? "

I don't have studio lights, but I have great natural light in my Kitchen. I hung this retro fabric (that will be the curtains in our 1974 Boler Trailer). The fabric is called "Patricia", which is my mom's name. Hence the title "Gramma's Curtains". I love how it turned out, thanks for Challenge, I look forward to more!

I took a few more of the whole gang ...

"oh please, are we done yet?"

"i want the baaaaallllll"


"is this cute enough for you?"

I can't wait to get the curtains made, they will look great with the new and improved interior. We have plans to re-do the exterior this summer, Burt is gonna look sweeeeeet! Just a few more weeks!!


miradukesadie said...

ohhh!! Where are you getting the curtains done. I know your going to be really surprized but we have a 79 boler that we are updating. lol!

Sarah said...

you've got to be shittin' me? seriously you have a boler too? when will the madness end Sandy, when!!!!!!???/

Kim said...

Cute pictures!

I love the Grandma curtain material.

miradukesadie said...

lmao! I know!!! Really though - who's doing your curtains??? =) I'm totally getting new ones!

Sarah said...

i don't know, i thought i might try to do them, but i don't really sew - i have a machine, but used it last 3 years ago .....

i might take the ones i have now to a seamstress and see is they can do them.

we'll have to compare bolers! our looks nice inside, but the outside isn't so pretty yet :)