Wednesday, June 3, 2009

how did I get 3 dogs, not a lot of choice.

So Amanda tagged me, you have to tell the story about how you got the dogs you have, I'll make this short and sweet:

THE YEAR: 1999
I wanted a Rottie (yes, you read that right). Pete wanted a Jack Russell Terrier.
We called the Ad in the newspaper, we met Jane at 3 weeks, she was the only one left, so we didn't have a choice I guess. No one wanted a white Jack Russell, we didn't care. she was home with us 3 weeks later.

THE DOG, THE MAN, THE LEGEND: Kaleb A.K.A. the K-man
THE YEAR: 2002
I wanted a flat-coat, Pete wanted one too for Search and Rescue, Kaleb is HIS dog afterall, so a year later ...

Kaleb's breeder picked him based on the qualities we were seeking: drive, working ability, etc (obnoxious wasn't on the list, I think they tricked us :) ), so again we didn't have a choice. We drove to get him at 10 weeks old.

THE DOG: Gyp A.K.A. Gyppie Girl
THE YEAR: 2006
We weren't looking for dog. 
I didn't think we could have another female in the house. 
I never considered a Border Collie as an option.
Amanda asked me to Foster a cute Border Collie she had, who was herding washout and was looking for a new job (just watch her over the weekend she said) almost 3 years later, she is still here :) Gyp came to live with us September 2006, at 21 months old. 

Gyp picked us. The moment Pete quit saying she had to go was when she layed her head on Pete's lap and looked up at him with those eyes. She is a daddy's girl all the way. 

It is Amanda's fault. We didn't really have a choice, she had to stay, it was love at first sight.


manymuddypaws said...

super cute sarah!

sweetpea_path said...

GREAT stories, so enjoyed reading all about **the beginnings**!

» Yuraccypark Designs « said...

so you suppose to foster gyppy? LoL! ... so funny same thing happened with my cat befor kovack came home haha i suppose to foster the kitty for 3 months and well she was 15th when she die! ... =o( and then came a cute husky and then a sad story happened and then =o) came kovack!