Monday, July 20, 2009


In an attempt to get the dogs (and me!) used to the heat that we will be running in at Nationals, I've been taking the dogs out for hikes, walks or runs in the heat of the day, on top of our regular morning or evening jaunts. I am prone to be sensitive to the heat and this weekend was especially HOT! HOT! HOT! We had an Agility Fun Match on Saturday, and it was 33 degrees!

Yesterday got up to close to 30. We took the dogs to Indian Battle Park in the heat of the day, a great hike for conditioning the dogs (and me!), I try to get to this park a couple times a week. We start this hike at the Bridge and take the metal stairs up (Jane has to be carried because her feet fall through the metal grates, the other two are fine because their feet are bigger), there are tons of stairs (up and down the coulees), switchbacks, bridges and a variety of surfaces. It is a good workout for everyone, I highly recommend it!

Pete and Kaleb stop to taste the Berries... I guess they weren't poisonous, because Pete is still alive this morning. He said they were Choke Cherries I think.

Water, must have water!
We generally go through 1 or 2 litres on a walk, Kaleb drinks most of it :)

Gyp we are half way there!

We leave for Nationals in Ottawa, in a week today, ACK! A couple more small training sessions, then that will be it! I am feeling pretty well prepared physically and mentally (still working on this daily). I hope the dogs will be ready too!


manymuddypaws said...

i am tired just reading that! it was a great day for it though! did Kaleb get to swim yesterday as a reward for being a good boy?

Sarah said...

no "real" swimming ... just the paddling pool at home...

then I gave him a bath with the cold hose ... poor guy.

he is getting rashy right now, no more river swims for a while :( and he is on mega benedryl.