Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Fun with the dogs!

We had an action packed weekend! Dog Show, Herding, a BBQ, a couple photo shoots (those photos to come later this week) ...

Saturday we headed to Calgary for the FCR Regional Specialty Show - K can show as a vet now -the only way he can show being neutered. K had a fun day and placed 3rd in Vet Sweeps, 2nd in his regular Vet male class, and 1st in Working Dog. The best rewards came after, a kiddie pool and a cool chuckit toy he won!
Thanks to Amanda for taking all the great photos! Our friend Liz at Blazingstar took home the Best of Breed with Tinbie and Best of Opposite with Pipit! Way to go!

Back on the road Sunday morning for a herding lesson at PhantomRidge...

Amanda took these great photos for me.
Go ahead, make my day!!! I thought this stand off photo was funny! which was are you going to go Gyppie? This was my attempt to keep balance on the sheep and Gyp.
I was happy with how Gyp did. She didn't once get pouty and her lay downs were really good! I was actually able to lie her down multiple times and still have her stay keen - a little too keen sometimes - even the waving stick didn't freak her out much. She was however, working really far from the sheep at times which made the sheep go too fast away from me, for me to do anything with. Louanne took me into a corner to work her to encourage her to come back in and that really helped. Her COME BY is really good, but AWAY TO ME she goes really wide and it is by far her weaker side. By the end after she had a run in with the sheep, and it jumped on her ... she seemed to settle in to where she was her last lesson and we ended on a good note, finding balance and did a couple baby outruns and drove back down the arena back and forth a couple times. I was exhausted at the end of our lesson! We don't do it with the goal of ever competing, I just like to see Gyp's courage increase and learn something new, AND it is a fun way to spend time with her!!
True multi-tasking: sitting, laying down and stalking all at once!


manymuddypaws said...

It WAS a busy weekend- but fun!

Sarah said...

yes, busy - but fun, that sums it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BordersOfInsanity said...

I love the multi-tasking picture - Mollie does that too! I call it The Creep creeping! ;)

Yay K!!