Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is how dogs celebrate Canada Day, eh!

We hung out with the dogs of Blazingstar on Canada Day ...

"Ma, Pipit stealed my water WUBBA, make her give it back!"
... Kaleb it's not nice to tattle.

Tinbie didn't see a thing... he doesn't tattle, and Tally wonders were she can get one too!

"Ma, Tally got the toy, I want, I want!"

Wet Kaleb, eh.

The dogs protested the Wubba being put away, especially Gyp!

The Terrier Handbag, this summers hottest trend.

In large groups (where she doesn't know all the dogs) Jane has to wear her muzzle, as she does not give dogs a chance when they run up to her, and she doesn't know to walk away either. With the muzzle on I don't have to have my eyes on her the whole time. She relaxes too and realizes the dogs are just thiere to make friends and her snarls don't get her anywhere. DId I also mention, she doesn't swim well? Hence the lifejacket ... And it was a good thing she was wearing it as the current nearly swept her away, in an attempt to let her swim across the channel, so we carried her over the rough spots, and she did swim across a couple of the small channels.

Jane made Tinbie's day by having a 5 second game of chase.

Tinbie remembered his chances are better with Gyp!


Michelle said...

What a great way to celebrate Canada Day!

Kristina Zambrano said...

lol how funny your comments about your dog's canada day eh? ...

miradukesadie said...

OMG I love the terrier handbag, I might have to get one in tri-colored! She still reminds me of hannibal lector with the muzzle though!! Don't you love how they "swim" when you hold them above the water in anticipation!??