Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've hired a professional.

Well with the Nationals next weekend, we've been training hard, and I hope we are all ready, we had our last practice yesterday. And I think we are are feeling good about it.

But, last minute I decided to hire a professional dog trainer. I just to needed to make sure I was doing everything properly to this point, and I was hoping it might just give us that competitive edge. Don't let the fact that she is 11 make you think is not qualified. It is her lifelong dream to become a dog trainer. We see her about once a year, and she gives the dogs all a tune-up in their training.

You can see the focus and determination on everyone's faces. She practiced recalls, she had all three staying and called each one individually to her, and they did some sits, and downs. They even got a refresher on how to shake a paw.

This trainer was great. She even took turns with each individual dog.

Kaleb ... well he licked her, and licked her.
She didn't even mind being slimed, multiple times.
It only took about 4 kleenexes to get her face dry ....

Then was Gyp's turn ... it involved a lot of snuggling.
Then came Jane.
The trainer brushed up on her tricks such as: sneeze, shake a paw, and take a bow.
She also practiced roll over.

A massage therapist too, she even managed to put Jane into a deep sleep in the process.

After the session, I wanted her opinion, and any other insights she might want to share:

When asked who her favourite was:
"I love them all for different things, I love Kaleb's kisses, I love playing fetch and cuddling with Gyp, and I do the best tricks with Jane."

Other notable quotes were:
"What would Kaleb do without me?"
"I wonder what it is like to be Kaleb?"
"Mom, but they don't want to me leave, they need me!!"

If anyone would like to have this trainer come to their house, I'll hook ya up!


manymuddypaws said...

super cute!

Jenilee said...

I agree...very cute. Neena loves the 11 year old girl trainer variety, let me know what she charges lol!

onecollie said...

oh yes....I think both Kort & Tate could use a tune up!

TAG ALONG said...

very sweet .. I love her question " what is it like to be Kaleb ?"