Saturday, August 29, 2009

Agility Demo Day!

We had a great time at the Agility demo today, I was originally not going to be able to make it as I had a hiking day planned, but things change, and I was able to participate! YAY! Amanda did all the planning, double YAY! Thanks Amanda, the courses and games were great! And thanks to everyone who helped with equipment too!

Here is Kaleb in the Weave Pole challenge, amazingly enough he placed 2nd behind Gyp who won. The other fastest contenders Tag and Wicca had bobbles, so it was anyone's game today!

I should add that we were so close to winning the Team Relay but a certain dog had to go say hi to his Grammy, I didn't even call him back, because the laughing from the crowd was worth it :)
oh Kaleb ....

Can you feel the love? It is mutual. There isn't a whole lot cuter than Aislyn and Gyp, I just can't get enough of how sweet they are together.

Gyppie waiting for her turn. I bought her a doggie Tent, and she seemed to like it.

If I close my eyes really hard, maybe I can get out. pllleeeeease!

You can see more photos of the group on the Go! Dog! Go! blog HERE

Check out the weavepole challenge Kim Made! THANKS KIM!!!
What a fun way to spend an afternoon, friends, dogs, and Agility.

life is good.


manymuddypaws said...

the video is awesome!!!! everyone had a blast!!!

onecollie said...

life is good!!! but old vans suck LOL!

Sarah said...

Jo you crack me up :)

Is all OK with the Van?? You should blog about it :)

Kristina Zambrano said...

oh my Wicca runs fast =oP how cool see them in action ^^