Monday, August 10, 2009

New kid on Campus.

Gyp is the new kid on the University Campus, and like any Freshman, she was out to make friends first, and hit the books later.
This guy was rather smitten with her, she liked him too.
Gyp has an uncanny ability to make friends with even the most rigid characters.

She managed to get the ball everytime, her pals didn't even try. Those are true friends.

So, who's gonna make the first move ... these guys are a little stiff.

Her new buddies have been on Campus awhile, and they've seen it all.
She's safe with this guy, he's got her back anytime.

I am not sure she ever figured out her new buddies weren't real ...
and I didn't want to break the news to her.

Gyp never skips class, and like most things she picks it up so fast, she hardly has to try. She always get her homework done on time too. She obviously doesn't follow in my class-skipping footsteps ... My little brown-noser, goodie two-socks ... that's my Gyppie girl.

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» Yuraccypark Designs « said...

and that's so true doggy can make friends in no time than the humans they have no regrets they don't care if they are rich or poor, smart or dummies, em i sound like marley and me novel LOL anyways i think you get the point of what i trying to say ... love this pictures