Monday, August 31, 2009

Career Highlights

For those of you who wanted to see Kaleb's titles etc, here you go :)

Kaleb is almost 7.5 years old, and I am just so appreciative of the time we have been able to share together. I know how lucky I am to have him happy, healthy and sound at his age, AND for his breed. I can't see retirement anytime in his future, and when that day comes, I am sure he will tell me, actually nevermind, he won't, that will be up to me.

Putting this list together of his "Career Highlights" really puts things in perspective, and puts makes eyes water, must be my darn contacts :) . He has accomplished so much in his years, and let me tell you it has NOT been easy. We started competing together when he was 3. He was Pete's SAR dog until that time. So it took us a while to build a good, now great relationship. For those of you who know Kaleb, you know how much work it has been, and what an ass he was (and can be :) ) but I've enjoyed the whole the journey. None of my other dogs have put me on such an emotional rollercoaster, which is why I can appreciate what he has accomplished even more.





MADC (Masters Agility Dog - earned in one weekend, 3 runs)







ATChC (Agility Trial Champion of Canada)

MSCDC (Masters Steeplechase Dog)

Bronze Award of Merit

Silver Award of Merit (25 Master Standards, 50 Games)

ExSt Bronze

EXJ Bronze

EXG Bronze

EXS Bronze

EXTr Bronze

ExSt Silver

VBA (Versatility Bronze Award)


(all but a couple runs were 1st Placements)








NADAC: (we did one trial :) )




ADPT - RL1 (1 High in Trial, two High in Classes)



CKC - CD (3 High in Classes)


WC (Working Certificate)

2 legs toward his Junior Hunter - JH (one more needed)


CKC - Canadian Champion

Other Career Highlights:

- Certified Search and Rescue Dog at one month passes hid 2nd Birthday (RCMP CSDA)

Trained by Pete, not me.

- Kaleb has placed 1st in each of his classes at the 3 FCRSC National Specialties he has attended:

FCRSC National Specialty '03 - 1st Place 15 - 18 Month Male

FCRSC National Specialty '06 - 1st Place Altered Male

FCRSC National Specialty '09 - 1st Place Veteran Male 7 - 9 Years

- He has top 10 placements at the 2 AAC National Championships he has attended

2008 7th Place 22" Specials - Sussex, New Brunswick

2009 7th Place 16" DD Vet - Ottawa, Ontario

- 2009 AAC AB/NWT 16" DD Vet Regional Champion

- (Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada) FCRSC Versatility Award

- (Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada) FCRSC All-Round Retriever Award

- #1 FCR in AAC 2006, 2007, 2008

- He enjoys being a hunting dog in the fall with his dad

- #1 Goofball award, 7 years running, 2002 - 2009


manymuddypaws said...

how do you remember all that. crap. even written down i scramble to remember... and you do know that you can't really count old titles once they've moved up.... :o)

In all seriousness K is a great dog- and you've done a fabulous job with him. I still remember the good old days that it would take half an hour to catch him in the agility field after he'd stolen someones toys.... (oh wait, that was last week)

he has been a hard dog in the sense that he didn't always care if you were happy with him or not. you put in the work and now have a great dog.

he definitely wins the goofball award! but also the goodboy award- he tries so hard for you each and every time. he will play the game for as long as you let him- it will definitely be up to you to tell him when...

Marcy said...

That is WAY cool Sarah and K!!

TAG ALONG said...

That is an amazing list of accomplioshments... Congrats to both of you. I love watching K do Gambles... you can see him think...he stands there mouth gapeing.... moving from side to side... totally thinking " umh... umh ...OK mamma I will go this way".. it is awesome :)

He always makes me smile

fulltiltbcs said...

WOWZA!!!! Good boy K!!!! Congrats!

Sarah said...


Amanda I can count the old titles - he's got the certificates :) 3 Qs a piece baby!

the stolen toy wasn't last week - it was Saturday when he stole Jo's.

...oh kaleb.

Jo, I STILL have to upload that regional Gamble, not pretty but we got the job done :)

Sarah said...

or 10 Qs in some cases!!!

Yuraccypark Designs said...

what a short name he has XD