Saturday, August 22, 2009

Agility Fun Day ...

We had a nice Agility Fun Day today, our whole group came out, almost 20 dogs! We were celebrating Go!Dog!Go! turning 4 years old :) We ran a Starters and Masters course, and I knew it was going to be a gooder, because I was hearing lots of whining about it! SUCCESS!! the sign of a good course, people whining about it, then running it really well ...

After we ran the dogs ... we ate pizza .... and ate yummy homemade cookies from Judy!
We had some prizes to draw, and Acey was a great ticket picker, and prize deliverer.
They say people are like their dogs ... so are their kids, Aislyn thinks she is a Border Collie, she never gets tired of playing Agility!
Look for her in a few years running Agility. She'll hopefully be running a dog, and not doing all the equipment herself, though, she is a good weaver and she always touches the yellow :)

This is her dog, Tag, can you see the resemblance :)
When she finally did come off the contact equipment, she entertained herself with bubbles!

Oh look! Here comes Neena out of the Tunnel!
Lucy, I think you took off a little early for that jump :)
See more photos from the day on the Go!Dog!Go! Blog

... thanks to our group for coming out today, and thanks for 4 great years, here's to many more, you guys rock!


TAG ALONG said...

Funny Post Sarah...
I love the determination pictures of both my kids ..... hahaha

Sarah said...

glad you liked it Jo :)

I hope you don't mind if Aislyn is our new Mascot!!