Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family day in the Hoodoos!

My mom, bro and me (and the dogs) headed to Writing on Stone Park for a nice day of walking trails, swimming and a wiener roast (Veggie Dogs for me of course) ...
me and the 3. i love this photo! thanks for taking it Bry!
Doh! A Deer, and female Deer!
The formations are amazing, so are the views ...
Can anyone identify this snake? It didn't have a rattle

Jane and her Grammy.
must. get. toy. Kaleb doing his best Border Collie impression.
the dogs just love exploring and climbing the cliffs and rocks. Jane is my little mountain goat!
It was friggin' hot there, it is atleast 10 degrees warmer in the hoodoos than anywhere else. The hoodoos keep the heat and you can feel it radiate off the surface (which is why Rattle snakes love the area so much). I was happy to NOT see a Rattler, though a couple ahead of us had seen one off one of the main trails (we stayed in bounds) What a great way to spend a Saturday!!


Jenilee said...

In that area if it doesn't have rattles I'd say Bull snake...but just so you know in future sometimes rattle snakes will not have careful!

Sarah said...

now you tell me!!! I though it was a bull snake too, he was a pleasant fellow, just meandered past us, and went on his merry way.

manymuddypaws said...

cool that you saw a snake! our walk wasn't nearly as adventurous!

love the mountain goat Jane pic..