Thursday, November 5, 2009

1976, made in Japan.

I was inspired this week to bring out my k1000 (made in 1976, it was my mom's camera), first I had to remember how to load film, advance it, and rewind it ... I haven't had so much fun in a while ... how lame is that. I have to mention my K1000's light meter has NEVER worked, I still to this day go with my gut as far as exposures ... I went through years of school with this bad ass tank of a camera.

Not having shot with this camera in YEARS (since Jane was a pup), I realized how much I missed this camera:
• the rush of not knowing if what you took turned out (no preview screen people)
• not being able to post-process it
• shooting with only 24 frames
• and most of all, I missed film grain.
• The only other thing I wish I could have done is develop and print it myself, I miss that, I miss the harsh chemicals.

Anyway ... here are the best shots of my 24 frames ... you should be able to click on the photos to see them bigger, and see the grain. My fancy X thousand dollar DSLR camera has nothing on this old school metal monster.


manymuddypaws said...

super. LOVE the one of Gyp on the chair. very cool.

Anonymous said...

Absolutley love these pictures..just something about black and white pictures and on film again is just very cool.


Mathieu said...

Very beautiful dogs, and pictures too!


fulltiltbcs said...

WOW!!! Those are amazing shots!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Moody said...

You have such a talent with the camera. Great shots, I love having something to strive towards.