Friday, November 13, 2009

Gyp, the Busy Body

so many gyppie's ... so little time.

We are off to our last Agility Trial of the year and I hope I can keep up with Gyp :)

Most of our group didn't get in to the Trial, and they have a huge waiting list ... but Jolayne and Tag; Kim and Maggie and Bosley; and me and Gyp and the K-man are heading up bright and early tomorrow! Should be a fun weekend.

Jane fans ... she is going to have a great weekend ... BOTH of her Grammy's will be in town .. she better not be fat when I get home ...


BCxFour said...

I LOVE the picture! the same time, it scares me. Looks like my back yard. Too many border collies...*sigh*

GOOD Luck this weekend! Have a great time!

gussysmom said...

Not Fat! Just Timbitty.

Lindsay said...

Good luck!