Monday, November 9, 2009

3 dogs. 3 VERY different agendas.

... all 3 dogs had a great weekend, as always, they enjoyed it for very different reasons ...

Jane and Gyp had a great day at Alta-Pete Farm on Sunday, some friends from Calgary made the trip down to have some herding lessons with their dogs too! It was great day!

Dog 1: AKA Jane
Ya, "I'm In Charge", my shirt says so.

Find sheep shit, and some possible dead stuff. Roll on it. Repeat as necessary.


what you lookin at? can't you see i'm rollin' here?

Discover what it's like to floss my teeth with wool, see what all the fuss is about.
mmm woolly goodness
grrrrr yoink grrrrrrr

ack, gag, gag, this wool is making me thirsty.

DOG 2: AKA Gyp
OBJECTIVE: Herd some sheepies
Gyp had her best lesson yet! She didn't get pouty or sulky at all, she was level headed and had FUN! She even layed down fast a few times, with no pouty face. Scott showed me some ways to increase the FUN and make more of a game out of having her switch sides. It worked well and she was very keen even when I applied the pressure. We worked with me on the fence, and the sheep between me and her. She would work up and down the fence line with me switching direction for her. It was fun and fast and she loved it! We did some baby outruns which she did good on, on both sides off of me. At our last lesson, she had a hard time on her "Away to me", she would default all the time to "Come By", this time I would say she was equal on both sides. YAY for Gyppie!
This herding stuff is fun :)

DOG 3: AKA Kaleb
OBJECTIVE: Get birds.

K and Pete had a couple great days hunting, I hope I can go next time, so I can get some photos! It probably looked something like this:


miradukesadie said...

OMG that picture with Jane eating the wool is sooo disgusting!!! Terriers!

Sarah said...

yep, only terriers!!!! gotta love 'em.

when she she wasn't plucking it, she was rolling in it :)

Dogs and Old Bones said...


Anonymous said...

cool! i am glad that gyp did so well at her lesson!!!

jane looked like she had more fun than gyp though!


Diana said...

Jane's pictures, very funny. Diana

Jules said...

What a great day for everyone. Herding is SO much fun. it is awesome to see the improvement!