Monday, November 16, 2009

The last trial of the year!

We had a great weekend at our last Trial of the year. The dogs each ran in 7 events and each of them brought home 5Q's!! What a great year it has been, I am so thankful my dogs ended the year on a highnote, and knock on wood, they will be as sound and healthy in 2010.

Masters Standard 1:
Gyp was having a smokin' run, she knocked a bar, it threw me off ... and I ended up missing a jump as I was no longer focused! duh!

Kaleb had a great run and Qd, it was tough, technical course, not a lot of Qs on this one.

Master Gamblers 1:
This was a tough end Gamble with a 21' send away over a jump behind a tunnel to the weave poles. Gyp and Kaleb were only 2 of a handful of dogs to get the end gamble. Gyp had 43 opening points and K had 30.

Masters Snooker:
This was a fun course with 2 set of 6 weaves and a jump in the middle for #7, essentially a serp with weaves! I attempted 4 - 7s with Gyp, she nailed some wicked hard entries, we missed our last set of weaves in our last 7 ... so we were still able to go finish our end sequence with more wicked weaves, and we got to the start of 7. 1st and Q!

I chose a MUCH flowier sequence for K, he took an off course jump in our closing and got tweeted! But he ran great and fast so I was super happy with his effort!

Masters Jumpers 1:
A cool course with a serp and lots of tunnel discrimination, and I got to run 3 dogs!! I went to the line with a tri-coloured Border Collie ... but it wasn't Gyp ... people were confused ... so I was for that matter :) A friend asked if I would like to run his lovely girl, Blue-eye Skye!! It was super fun, I got all my crosses in, she missed my serp cue, and knocked a bar, but what a fun dog to run ... very well trained :)

Gyp and Kaleb each Qd and had a great runs!

Day 2:
Masters Jumpers:
A wicked course with lots of challenges. It was a long course yardage wise. It really challenged me. I was super happy with this run, right off the bat there was a jump the dogs had to wrap after a tunnel. I stood my ground, cued my decel, and Gyp added a stride and popped over the jump nice and tight - no-super-Gyppie-launch!! I think that was what I was most proud of on that course. The other 17 obstacles were good too! Gyp had the FASTEST time of all the Masters dogs!! I so excited as there were lots of times within hers and some mega fast dogs.

Kaleb ran really well too. I pretty much ran him the same as Gyp, all the same crosses, sometimes I adjust it for each of them. He Qd and I was really happy with how he ran!

Masters Gamblers:
This was a wicked gamble. I went in confident to it ... but I got squashed like a bug!! I was in the wrong spot for K and TWEET, and I had no time to even re-direct Gyp out of the tunnel before she was over the wrong jump TWEET. Not 1 masters dogs got this gamble. We will be setting this up this week ... on a positive not both dogs had wonderful openings!

Masters Standard:
I was soooooo happy with this run, one of my best standards I have run with Gyp. Her contacts and my trust of them have improved and she stuck every contact all weekend, and most of the time I didn't even say "TARGET", which we have found if I say to early is bad and it also causes my body to slow down and her to slow down, so I say nothing and do my job, and let her do her own. She had the 2nd fastest time, only within half a second of the fastest dog.

Kaleb also ran great, he Qd and ran really nicely with a good time, though I could tell he was getting tired after a long week of hunting and 2 days of Agility. I'm glad we only had 7 runs in this trial.

I'll have videos posted soon!!!

Also, congrats to Kim and Bosley who got his Starters Agility Title and move-ups to Advanced, and to Jo and Tag who had a wonderful weekend - awesome handling, and a move up to Masters Snooker!


Taryn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Congrats on so much success, and such a nice ending to the trial season.

Paws on the Run said...

congrats! can't wait to see the gamble!

amanda (not wendy)