Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today CIndy and I travelled to Calgary for a re-check for our dogs. Cindy made appointments for Sunar and Pike and me for Gyppie ... 4.5 hours round trip - good company makes it go much quicker!!

AND ...Gyppie is getting better already! YAY!

Happy! Some new exercises for her. Lots of range of motion, and only a bit of tenderness at just the one insertion point. She got some acupuncture, a re-check of her back and some laser. Dr.Devall was really impressed with how fast it seems to be healing - but not to be fooled. So still another good 2 months until agility, but we have lots to keep us occupied in the meantime. She suggested 2 shorter jogs a day so I don't see fatigue - even though the fatigue happens way later and way less than it was. She thinks 2 shorter sessions would be more beneficial - easier for me too. She can do the peanut ball this week, but only standing on it with not much movement at all. More cavaletti work, and walking backwards downhill to lengthen the muscles, causing her to step longer. And to continue with the same exercises we've been doing.

Nothing like a 4.5 hour round trip for a 1 hour rehab visit :) But dogs don't lie when it comes to results and feeling good. And I am seeing results, and she is feeling good ....so it is all worth it.


Jules said...

woo-hoo! Glad there is already improvement.

Deirdre said...

How the hell do you get a dog to walk backwards down hill?? I think the doc is whacko! But yeah for Gyp! So happy you and she are both feeling good :)

Loretta Mueller said...

Yeah for Gyp!!!! It's it great when things are improving!!! WOO HOO!