Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I need some bubble wrap? Anyone?

Last month Gyp refused a jump. Actually she went under the jump. Ya.

I Looked her over when I got home and she was super tight in her Sartorius /Rectus Femorus and Quad muscles ... yes my massage course has trained me to use fancy names. But I was really proud of my self for being able to feel the tightness and recognize right away which muscles would be affected based on the symptoms I was seeing - not wanting to extend the hip flexors back. This got me thinking Iliospoas. And well I know where this series of muscles is - I am not experienced enough and do not have enough feel to pin point it as it lies so deep on to the pelvis and femur.

Fast forward .... Gyp has had a couple weeks off already and I consulted with my Rehab Vet, and since I arranged for a clinic for her to come down to our City to work on dogs this past weekend ... the timing was perfectly unfortunately perfect :)

I told her what I had suspected and found - and based on what I had been talking to her already about, she went deep to the pelvis, and yep. Iliospoas. Gyp's head yanked so fast back to her rear end - a pain reaction only on the left side. She was so tight and very sore sore at the insertion point of the muscle. Some specific acupuncture to release the area seemed to help - but it took a few minutes for the muscles to release at all.

So what does this mean for Gyp? 8 - 12 weeks off Agility. Trips to Calgary to see Dr. Devall. No jumping or abrupt side movement, no fetching, no free range running and a giant amount of chinese herbs I can't pronounce. And supplement with massage to keep blow flow in the area and to try to keep things loosened up.

So what does this mean for me? Lots of extended jogging for Gyp and me. Pete has taken her jogging the last 2 nights, and I will take over this week. We don't have a treadmill - so we will use nature's treadmill ... the old fashioned way ... it's a win, win. I wonder if I can take her to the Gym with me??

I have a series of strengthening exercises to do, lots of active stretching - no passive stretching. My Peanut ball will be well employed. This is one of the most common Agility Injuries in dogs.

I am upset about it - but when I have another dog with a way more serious condition, I have a hard time feeling really sad about it. But I am. I just want the madness to end.

I will miss running her, I miss running her already. What really sucks is I have my knee surgery in February - Gyp will be MAYBE just getting back to low 10" jumps then ... then I will be off for a minimum of 8 weeks with Physio. That takes us to end of April or May. That is 6 months off for Gyp and me in the ring. Nevermind that we haven't trialed since September - make that 9 months. I try not to think about it.

Oh but wait! I still have a dog to run! Kaleb! yep Kaleb! The friggin' dog is Iron Man. Dr. Devall gave him a check-up and he is fit as a fiddle. He had a couple adjustments and a bit of acupuncture, nothing major. Yep. Almost 9 years old and still sound as ever. I was sort of hoping she would find some weird condition and I would have to retire him, so I could just call it day and find a new hobby ... not that I'm feeling sorry for myself or anything.

In my "everything happens for a reason" philosophy - I guess this fits perfectly. It will be a good chance for me to really evaluate Gyp's condition, get some hands on experience for my Body Worker externship, and work with a well respected rehab and holistic Vet. Now that is what I call a great learning experience.

Always look on the brightside right?

p.s. Anyone have a dog they want to let me run??


Jules said...

I am so sorry. Iliopsoas injuries suck. Perhaps it is good that when she is ready to start back you won't be - it will mean an extended recovery. Major Bummer.

Dawn said...

Hey if you were closer to Minnesota I would let you have Magic to play with for a while. He says I have been ignoring his agility needs.

Kim said...

Want Maggie? Haha.
I have always thought she would run better for someone else anyway.

Cait said...

Hey, I'll totally put the Demonspitz in the mail for you. :) You could get the first GS titled in Canada. :D

Visichy said...

Sorry things aren't so good with Gyp right now. Since I'm taking an agility break you are welcome to work with Claire. I've long thought she'd be awesome with a better handler.

onecollie said...

I have 2 :)

Kim said...

Wow Sarah, you are going to be very busy now that you offered to run all of our dogs :)

Judy said...

I have 3 who have loads of energy these days....help yourself!

Marne said...

You can have Lacy! She has lots of drive, is very fast, but still is quite green so has lots to learn. Come on out!

Lindsay said...

I feel your pain!! Heffner developed an iliopsoas strain right about this time last year. Totally sucked!! The time does seem to go by faster when you stop focusing on it though. Best of luck!

Loretta Mueller said...

yuck :( I am so sorry about Gyp :( Sending healing thoughts!