Monday, January 3, 2011

- 2010. a year in point form.


- first trial of the year, knee goes BOOM

- drank lots of wine

- Jane is being treated for her recently diagnosed Gall Stone of all things.

- in physio 2x a week


- in physio 2x a week

- worked on distance and directionals with the dogs as I couldn't run yet

- drank lots of wine


- in physio 1x a week

- YAY I can hobble around an agility course, let's enter!

- Meet with the Ortho surgeon, he thinks is just a bad sprain

- WOW! Gyp earns her "Silver Award of Merit" despite her gimpy handler!


- Still hobbling and doing great at distance work

- Kim runs Gyp in Jumpers, nails it.


- MRI Results: Torn Meniscus, ACL completely gone.

- Bar-Knee!!!!!! The best thing to happen to me since a padded bra.

- Ran my first Jumpers courses since January, and if felt great!

- Entered the K-man in his first 2 CDX trials, no Qs but he did GREAT!


- Training hard for Regionals

- I can do front crosses again thanks to Bar-Knee!!!

- Kaleb gets Torsion (GDV) and has emergency surgery, I drink more wine.

- Gyp wins Regionals for the second year on a row, runs 6 clean runs. Second highest points of all open dogs entered.


- Kaleb is in recovery and getting back into shape

- Jane breaks a tooth, goes in to have it removed and ends up having a back molar abscessed and half gone. Three teeth removed. Scary because of her heart murmur.

- Kaleb makes his comeback at the FCRSC and FCRSAlberta Specialties .... what a comeback it was. Took Best of Opposite in the Regioanal Specialty show. Finished his RA with a HIC and some other placements in Conformation. Earns a Beauty and Brains Award.


- Kaleb enters the Agility ring for the first time at Nationals, in the pre-qualifier - and does it in 4 runs!! K places 19/56 for the weekend

- Gyp places 3rd in a very competitive class of 53 at Nationals


- Jane is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure

- Kaleb earns his: Gold Standard (50th Masters Standard), Silver Snooker, Silver Jumpers awards

- in 2.5 trials since his torsion - and 12 Qs, Kaleb earns his "Gold Award of Merit", making him the first FCR in Canada to do so. What a guy.


- not alot going on - trying to regroup, no trialing, no agility training

- Gyp passes her certification as a St. John Therapy Dog!!

- Prepping Kaleb for the Open Obedience ring.

- Attend 8 day "Canine Bodyworker Certification Course" - and still currently working on my externship YAY!


- Kaleb is entered in 4 Open Trials and gets his first 2 legs!

- Kaleb earns his "Rally Excellent TItle" - and with a perfect score of 100 to boot!

- Gyp is off with an injury to be determined


- Kaleb earns his CDX!! I still can't believe it. I keep thinking I need still needs to do this.

- Kaleb is the #1 FCR in CKC Rally Obedience for 2010

- Gyp has an Iliospoas strain and is off Agility minimum 3 months.

- Jane is still doing well :)

- 2010 was a year of ups and downs, but the ups were plenty and we dealt with the downs the best we could.

- 2011 edition is in the making.

- thanks for reading.


onecollie said...

wow, how amazing you can remember all of that!
What a busy year you have had, lots of ups & downs !
Hope 2011 has more ups then downs for you...oh, & lots more wine :))

Nearly Naked Neckwear Inc. said...

Regioanal Specialty show?? LOL.

Lori @ According to Gus said...

What a busy 2010...Happy New Year!