Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeding time...

Is it sad that is takes longer to prepare the dog's breakfast than my own? At Breakfast and Dinner this is what my counter looks like. And a couple inbetween Meds for Jane too.

It costs about $11 a day to keep Jane's ticker-ticking, and well, she is still doing great. She has gained back a little of the initial weight and muscle she lost - which she couldn't really afford to lose. Her new Cardiac food is working really well for her too to maintain her weight. She is also on a couple natural supplements CoQ10 and a liquid herbal remedy, that compliment rest of the shwack of meds. It's been 4 months since her diagnosis and we are thrilled she is still going strong.

Gyp is also an a few things for her Rehab and some permanently - 3 Chinese Herb variations, Ligaplex, and a new mobility/joint supplement and Robaxin which was just prescribed for her.

Kaleb is on a couple joint supplements and gets a bit of extra oil added to his food occasionally to help with his dryness. Nothing too fancy for the Iron Dog.

And me - well I take my happy pills, multi-vitamin and a giant horse pill of a joint supplement.

Hopefully with all this stuff .... we all live to be 150 years old - in human and dog years :)


sagechronicles said...

Ha! I'm there with you. Toby was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is on 2 pills a day for that, plus glucosomine and fish oil. Not as bad as Jane--it's great she is doing so well!!

K9 Critical Care said...

Yep, that's a lot! But those natural supplements truly do work wonders. :)