Monday, January 3, 2011

i won't back down

52jane, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Jane's 52 weeks project has come to an end. What a year. What a dog. I love doing this project each year. It is a fun outlet for my creativity outside of my day job, which often drains my creative juices on a fairly regular basis - it's tough trying to be creative all the time, especially when it is your job. I am designing her book right now, but thought a slideshow would be fun in the meantime.

2011 will be Kaleb's year ... stay tuned :)


K9-CRAZY said...

Beautiful photos, all of them.

Karen said...


D said...

What an amazing group of photos! Love it!

Loretta Mueller said...

I LOVE JANE. 'nuff said :)

Please give her to me, Crackers needs his twin...NOW.

It's gotta be warmer here :) Right? Don't tell me if it isn't...that would just make me depressed :)

I can't wait to see al the slobbery pictures of the K-man :)