Monday, January 31, 2011

"Dog" is my Homework

I'm in the middle of my externship for the Canine Body Worker Course I took in October. I am really enjoying it, and learning so much with each dog I see, and my "feel" is really improving. I am more than half way through the required 20 dogs I need to work on and do assessments for. And I am done 1 muscular study - it is 5 views, dorsal, front, rear, and 2 side views (one labeling superficial and the other the deep muscles).

Jane was helping me this weekend and what a good helper she is.

She is great at holding the pages down.

Though I sort of needed that section ... I made do without some of it - I didn't want to disturb her beauty sleep.

HMMM maybe she is on to something? I wonder if I slept on the books if I would learn it all - hmmm learning by Osmosis, I might try that.

And Jane ... you are my next Muscular study subject - don't worry though, the highlighters are only used on your photos, though technicolour Jane might be kind of cool?

Seriously though, isn't she cute?


Mandy said...

I've tried the learning by osmosis... Didn't work for Chemistry lol.

Any special requirements for the dogs you assess? If not, you're welcome to use Izzie, I'm sure she wouldn't mind (since she seems to adore you and all).

Oh and technicolor Jane would be adorable. If i had a white short hair dog I'd have to resist the urge to draw pictures on them so much!

sakemartyr said...

what a sweetheart!

Jenilee said...

LOL...I wish osmosis worked...oh do I ever! Glad you have your little study buddy...they make it a little easier don't they;).

The Thundering Herd said...

If Osmosis had worked, the hu-dad would have had better grades in school since he fell asleep on his books so much.

Terrific pictures of Jane. She looks so cute.