Monday, April 23, 2012

City girl down on the farm.

Im a city girl ... But love being outdoors. I worked at the stable I used to ride at, for years ... Cleaning stalls, feeding, turnout nothing better than spending your days with animals. I loved going to my cousins farm as a kid (but being served Bess for dinner, the 4H cow they raised was a little too real for this city girl - did I mention I'm now a vegetarian - that meal changed me for life).

We are fortunate to live a hop, skip as a jump away from Alta-Pete farm. Amanda and I did some "real" farm work yesterday in preparation for working on our own while Scot and Jenny are away this summer. I love the practical work we get at Alta-Pete and PhantomRidge, it's a nice balance between working on trial stuff and other practical situations like learning to read sheep in the big field or lamb and ewe pens (which is hard!), starting to drive and getting sheep out of trees!

Just another day, down on the farm ....

Gyp working the Ewes and Lambs ... she thought that was pretty fun!

City girl unlatching the fence in preparation for being trampled by sheep. 

Alaska the fierce Guardian Dog admiring my blue shoes.

Pleat and Mike getting fresh with Gyp ...

OMG Look!! I'm driving the Quad! Everybody outta the way!

Gyp bringing the sheep out of the trees ...  

She continues to become more brave - it is really quite amazing to see. No more pouty Gyp. She's responsive and really keen - more keen than I ever thought she could be. Sometimes I pinch myself at how lucky were are to have the access to this type of training ... and the best trainers ever who are so encouraging with my little dog and her City girl!!! I never would have ventured into this otherwise. 

We have Agility Regionals coming up soon, and I REALLY need to shift gears in Preparation for that ... but man this sheep addiction is strong ... I get what the draw is now, I really get it.

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