Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank you Gyp

Thank you Gyp for being an honest dog, a sensitive caring soul and for being so damn cute.

This weekend gyp ran in scent hurdle racing - which was super fun and our team ran well and we have the team spirit, which i think should get extra points ... Think sparkly red wrist bands. Yes they rock. :) We debuted in excellent Rally also - I was frazzled and hopped up on caffeine ... Gyp was great ... I messed up 2 signs for our first ever NQ oops.

We had to be in the ring for Obedience in the afternoon and I needed to get my shit together for my dog - eat a good meal and take a chill pill. She had been getting spookier at the metal banging noises all weekend - then that worries me. So I warmed her up in a new quiet area and that seemed to do the trick. Played some barrel racing around garbage cans and just had some silly fun!! We went into the ring and she was great! She had one spooky moment in the ring when she stepped on a metal grate under the rubber mat ... Oh the joy of a sensitive quirky dog :) She worked through it like a champ and we played in between exersizes. She came out if the class with a 193 and a high in class earning her CD title!! Gyp is like an extension of myself and the two of us are so keyed into eachother it's scary. I swear we read eachothers thoughts. I would love to be able to say the same thing about Kaleb ... But really, who the hell knows what he's thinking! Anyway here are a couple iPhone photos of us with gyps High in Class and new CD! Open ring here we come!


onecollie said...

You two are a great team :)
congratulations on your CD!!!!!
Yes, we should get extra points for team spirit, & the sparky wrist bands were the bomb LOL!!!
See you in the Open ring !!

Jules said...


manymuddypaws said...

You guys looked great!!! So proud of both of you!