Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This is my life in pictures.

I've been watnig to do an Agility Camp for the last couple of years, stars are aligning. It's coming ... mark your Calendars: Aug 17-19 ... details soon! Featuring: Terry Simons, Anneli Hilton, Sarah Novak, Amanda Labadie, With special guests: Dr. Veronica Devall (Holistic and Rehabilitative Veterinary Care) and Kyle Connelly - Olympian/Coach (sport psychology).

We've been herding lots ... we are getting better.
Must get rid of the pointy finger.

Gyp is a good girl. I love her.

Kaleb is mental and disturbed - but makes me laugh daily - I need that, like when he finds headless babydolls on walks. He has a C7 neck issue we are trying to work out and manage. Full body rays, 2 sets of blood work, neurological exam, Acupuncture, Chiro, laser, massage = high maintenance dog.

Nothing like friends to make everything all better.

we are family :: 13/52

It's been one month since losing my jane. I think the first 2-3 weeks I was in such a daze it now hit me in the lastweek - she's really gone, I really fucking miss her. So much it hurts. I know life goes one, but damn. My random outbursts of tears are not becoming less frequent. This will get better right? Our house is still full of all the Cards and 6 bouquets Dead flowers. I just can't bring my self to put it all away ... baby steps. I can think about her and smile but sometimes I don't know if that will end in tears.


Marylin said...

Checking your blog this morning and reading you are in pain, still. Of course you are. You lost a special girl and she will always be missed. Time dear Sarah, is the only thing that will put a scab on the open spot in your heart. Healing takes time and it will always hurt. You just get used to dealing with it. Later, much later, you will smile without burning tears when you think about Jane. I promise.
Looking at your other 2 beauties helps you too! X

Anonymous said...

After Jasper died it took about 4-5 months for us to feel even close to normal again. Unfortunately our timing coincided with Tsuga's diagnosis... Hang in there - Kaleb and Gyp are doing their best to help you get through it. :)

Loretta Mueller said...

Baby steps heart aches for you...good thoughts for healing...and lots of hugs (ok cyber hugs...but still).

Sarah said...

thanks you guys :) good days and bad days ...

Watch 'em RUN said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear about Jane. Everything does get better though, when I lost my first dog I thought I'd die, I couldn't wash the dishes without crying. Soon it gets better, though, I promise.