Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fresh air and dogs ... Cures all!

This weekend started out shitty -on Friday I got the flu ... Chills, sweats, fever, weak and achy- I thought I was dying. All that good stuff.

Saturday I woke up feeling the same way but had to drag my arse outta bed for the Agility Fun Match we were hosting. With the help of lots of drugs and apple juice I got through it. I ran gyp in just the standard only to force my self to try to run when I couldn't - I like a challenge. We did it but holy crap I thought I was going to need CPR. I can home at 2 and slept on and off until 8 am this morning.

The sleep did me good ... I woke up this morning with no more Flu symptoms, just a head cold now.

This afternoon Amanda and I headed to Alta-Pete. The first hour was spent getting sheep from one area to another and then to the arena. We had a good game plan and worked as a team to get the job done.

Gyp had one moment that Jenny totally called and saw coming. Working gyp at the barn near the C A T s. she was actually trying to avoid going near them which was great - but couldnt help but look at them out of the corner of her eye and in that avoidance she also forgot about her sheep - her brain exploded and she froze. So I took her by the collar put her behind the sheep past the cats and got her to walk up. I ended it there. Gave her a break and Amanda was away getting a few more sheep to bring back. I brought Gyp back in this time she had a new attitude ... We worked on simple flanks past the cats on both sides and she was way better. We moved on after that as I was happy with how she worked through her obsession/avoidance confusion.

We took the sheep over to the arena. Gyp worked the sheep out the trees again - she loves that! I sent her through without me following her and she did just as I asked and Brit was as the Arena entrance waiting for the sheep and she put them right in.

We ended up with 4 lambs and 2 ewes. A bit different for us, but as I've learned in this herding game... It's never the same twice. So we made it work. Gyp commanded respect right away. They would not move off the fence and she stood her ground face to face with a ewe stomping at her she was able to move a bit, and rushed in on the ewe what seemed like just enough to make her move. It's really interesting to see that dynamic. Gyp kept a cool head after that and gave the sheep lots of space when she felt they needed it but wasn't worried about being right up on them in the panels, and didn't lose her cool. She amazingly managed to get them through the Y chute, the side panel and the L. She was listening really well so it was neat to see her respond when I asked ... And of course when my own timing was right which I still need lots of work with. I also tripped over my stock stick and my hand met with sheep shit as did my knee ... It was awesome ... Some good
Laughs. The "real life" farm work we get and the chance to work these sheep is absolutely an invaluable experience. We are very lucky city slickers. For the 4 hours we were out there ... I forgot I was sick :)

Fresh air, dogs, lots of sleep, apple juice, good drugs ... The ultimate cure all!!

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