Friday, March 7, 2008

Goldilocks and the three packages of Oatmeal ...

I came home yesterday, and Kaleb had been in the corner cupboard - pulled the duct tape off, all they managed to get were 2 granola bars (so I thought), which Jane ate (the evidence ie. wrappers were on her bed).

There was also a bag of tortilla chips in the living room, but not touched, they only like those with dip apparently.

Then, last night when I went to feed the dogs, they went to their appropriate spots: Jane to the right with her feet on the line of the kitchen and the living room, Kaleb to the left by the water dish, and Gyp runs to her Kennel. I couldn't figure out why Gyp was sitting weird and propped up when I put her dish down in front of the kennel, so I looked in .... and there was the box of Instant Oatmeal, all three packages inside, not touched.

So this makes me wonder, did my little "can't do no wrong" Gyppie-girl, drag them to her crate?

OR did conniving Jane plant the box there to get Gyppie-girl in trouble?

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