Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Bitsy Boy

Today my K is 6! My oh my how time flies, I can still remember sitting at work and getting an email from his breeder the day he was born, I ran around the office saying "my puppy is born, my puppy is born, people thought I was crazy!"

ALSO! Kaleb's mom Ramona turned 12 on March 8th!! Which is REALLY old for flat-coat!

Here is the email that got it all started:

Sarah Novak wrote:

> hi there, my name is sarah novak and i live in lethbridge. i was given your
> name by liz saunders. my boyfriend and i have been interested in a
> flat-coated retriever for quite some time now. we have a 2 1/2 year old jack
> russell terrier, who we compete in agility with and jack russell trials. we
> are interested in getting a retriever for search and rescue/ tracking and
> obedience, and probably some agility as well. i am originally from
> saskatoon, and most of my family is still there, i will be home over the
> holidays, and i was wondering if we would be able to meet (around the 28 or
> 29). we are trying to find out as much as possible about the breed. if you
> are available that would be great. we met 'puck' at the lethbridge kennel
> club show and he is beautiful!

> i look forward to hearing from you soon

(l - r)
Skippy (kalebs niece) - Ch Prairielight Skip a Beat CD WC
Ramona (the mom) - Ch Prairielight Abrakadabra CDX JH WCI AM WC
Ylva (sister) - Ch Prairielight Talk is Cheap CDX WC
Jazz (half sister) - Am Ch Prairielight Jazz Pizzazz WC
Lily (sister) - OTCH Prairielight Keep 'em Talkin' WC
and ... Kaleb

(l - r)
Kaleb, Ramona, Ylva and Lily

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manymuddypaws said...

Happy Birthday Bits!!!!! He sure has come a long long ways!!!!!

Hope he gets to do lots of fun, fun things on his birthday!