Monday, March 24, 2008


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K has been handling the limited exercise pretty well, kaleb's foot is healing nicely, he loves his Buffalo bones, which keep him busy. We bought the little kid socks age 1 - 3 years fit perfect!! He doesn't mind wearing them, they even have grippies on the bottom!

We spent the weekend at Gramma's - and there is still some snow there, so we had to put a plastic bag on top of the sock so he wouldn't get it wet everytime we went outside, it worked some of the time, but usually the sock got soaked, good thing there are 6 of them ... he went through 12 sock changes over the weekend!

The gash isn't seeping anymore, and has closed up nicely so far, we might go for a walk later, and I'll put on his winter bootie for extra padding!

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