Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things to do when you "can't do nuthin"

poor K his pad is pretty sliced, it will be a few days until he can go for a walk, and he'll have to wear a bootie when he does, it is still bleeding a bit, but I have it vet wrapped and a sock on it so he doesn't lick and the compression from the vet wrap helps keep it all together.


chomp on bones.

drink beer.

ugggh, K deserves some time off , now he really is getting some!

Now the fun part - Kaleb in the house with no walks or runs.


Katrin said...

Oooh, poor Kaleb! And poor Sarah! No exercise flat coat for 2 weeks, scary thought.

And he's a stoic guy too? As are mine, sometimes I think they could break a leg and still walk on it limp-free. Actually years ago Regal pulled a shoulder ligament, like near tear, and he would only limp when I wasn't looking, otherwise it was "Nope, mum, I'm just fine! See I can walk! Now let me go play!"

manymuddypaws said...

yeah, good luck with that! I can't imagine him even after a full day of no walks- and with you going away this weekend. Ugh.