Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Took the dogs for a nice long walk and played some ball in the park too, I went to come back inside and the dogs were standing at the door and I saw some blood, I figured it was K's mouth as he tends to cut his mouth playing fetch - that big 'ol tongue gets in the way of everything.

Nope not the tongue, I looked down a there were little pools of blood forming as he pranced around waiting to be let in.

His back pad is SLICED, probably 3/4" or so from what I can tell, I quickly soaked it, and put a towel compress on it.

I have NO idea when this happened on the walk, I true Kaleb fashion she didn't show any pain, or limp on the walk at all, what a trooper.

Time for lots of bones and kongs for the next couple weeks .....

Jane sliced her pad a few years back and it was a pain in the butt to heal.

I'll take some more pics later.

hugs to K-man, the only dog on earth HAPPY to wear a silly compress on his leg! He was still trying to run around like a hooligan!


Kim said...

Oooh! Poor Kaleb. Maybe he can get together with Maggie and share bully sticks and wallow together in their "we can't play" misery". I hope Kaleb heals up fast.

manymuddypaws said...

awwww....poor bitzy! you should retrace your steps- see if you can find any blood on your walking path. poor guy. Hope he's feeling better soon!