Monday, November 3, 2008

Gyp's cool stat.

I was looking at the AAC Stats Pages the other night, and I knew Gyppie got her ATCHC fast, I just didn't realize just how quick it really was, so I thought I would share this.

According to the AAC Stats page - the time from ADC (starters title) to ATCHC, she is around the 25th fastest ATCHC of all dogs in Canada history. She has the 2nd fastest ATCHC in Alberta! Gyppie  is not on the page yet, as she just got hers in late Sept. so I'm not sure how accurate the stats are right now, there might be some faster dogs n the last 2 months who knows. But pretty neat I thought regardless.

I took her one week less than a year, and 12 trials. We had great Team partners to help her get her Masters Team title, which helps too: Wicca and Cavall. 

It took Kaleb 2.25 years, and Jane 3 years for their ATCHC's. I realize training methods have gotten better, and we trial more than when I first started trialing Jane, but J & K never have a Q rate like Gyp has in her first year of trialing. 

I remember I spent almost a YEAR of trialing with Jane in Advanced Standard - as we had some weave pole issues as well as her "allergy to yellow on the contacts" ... And it took K nearly a year to get his Masters Gamblers title - which is funny - he is a good gamble dog - since then he gets almost all Gambles we enter, he had 3 as of Feb this year, and now 7 months later has 9, plus the one he got at nationals! Goes to show you that it was probably my nerves and I was trying to hard to get those damn gambles! Now with no pressure, they just seem to happen, me and my overthinking .... ughh.

Anyway, we have our last one day trial this weekend, and I'm looking forward to ending our trialing year, it's been a GREAT year, and I look forward to 2009!

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