Tuesday, December 30, 2008

16 things.

16 things., originally uploaded by sarah ....

I got tagged on flickr, 16 things about me, anyone wanting to join in??

1. i don't like combo birthday and christmas gifts
2. my favourite colour is red, or black.
3. i am a vegetarian.
4. i don't wear leather.
5. i've been told by a psychic that i am a little odd, she assured me that was a good thing.
6. my dogs have middle names: Jane "Monty" (after my childhood pet rabbit - he died on the day Jane was born), Kaleb "Ramone" (his mom is Ramona, we considered calling him Ramone, and I like the band), Gyp "Neena" (the name I wanted to call her, but she came with the name Gyp, after 2 months of pondering names, it stayed Gyp:) )
7. At one time I had 10 piercings.
8. I am a mix of British, Polish, Czech, Cree, Sioux, French and a dash of Scottish for good measure, I suppose you could call me a mutt.
9. I still have my wisdom teeth.
10. I am working on my top 10 Greatest Movie list, don't have them all yet. Yes Spaceballs, Christmas Vacation and The Color Purple rank top 10.
11. I am a Graphic Designer by day
12. My passion is all things dog. Dog training, and dog Agility, and various other sports - involving dogs, it is beyond a hobby for me.
13. My favourite saying is "nothing changes, if nothing changes"
14. I am not "married", but have been with my guy for over 12 years.
15. I have big feet.
16. This photo is real, and I didn't get licked in the face.


Kim said...

10 piercings !?!

Sarah said...



7 in the ears, 1 in the nose, 1 in the eyeborw and my belly button!!

I only have 6 now :)