Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jane's favs ...

1. Grammy. There are two Grammys. Grammy Pat and Grammy Carol. It just so happens that Grammy pat is moving to Lethbridge. One of the conditions to her new place is that Jane could visit, she has a new dog bed waiting already.

2. Spooning. Under the bed covers, under the blanket on the couch, or laying on my lap while I work, like right now.

3. The sound of her buffalo bones coming out of the freezer for breakfast. Those bones are toothbreaking good. Or the sound of the dog dishes getting ready for their meals.

4.Wanna gopher a walk? The best kind involve going in the car first, but she is happy to bebop around the 'hood on our daily adventures.

5. Being with me. She loves to please and happily goes along to do pretty much whatever I ask, not because she likes me, but mostly because she gets food, but even more so it means GYP and kaleb aren't getting a turn.

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Papillon Penny said...

Wow - Jane is so a female Boo!