Monday, December 1, 2008

Down on the Farm.

Jane always gets to come along to the farm when Gyp has her herding lesson at Alta-Pete, she LOVES the farm, she wishes she could live there. We were there for a few hours Saturday. Pete and K were out hunting - as usual.

The first thing Jane does upon arrival is roll, then rolls, and then she rolls some more. When she done rolling she likes to explore and try to find more stuff to roll in, she is rather fond of sheep poo.

Did I mention she likes to roll?

Jane also was security this weekend. Jane runs a tight ship when it comes to keeping the dog, handler and sheep in the pen. She keeps the other humans and dogs waiting their turns, on the other side. Between guarding the fence, she would find more stuff to roll in.

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Gyp and Jane hangin' out on the farm. Gyp chillin', Jane on guard.

I didn't get any photos of Gyp herding but she did really good, it was her first time in the big arena, her confidence is getting better, there is so much to think about when she is in there, I am slowly beginning to understand what I need to do, emphasis on slowly. I am enjoying more and more each time I go, and I think Gyppie is too.

Those are Gyppie's sheep at the back of the new Arena, and Kit the Guardian dog watches, can you spot her on the left?

Here is Neena, it was her first time, she had a lot of fun!

Kim also brought Maggie and Bosley, here is Bosley and his sheep, I think he is as big as they are!

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Jules said...

Hooray for good herding lessons. I find it a bit mind blowing typically! I think Bug does too.