Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in review ...

I've been on this blog 'thing' for just over a year now, and it has been fun, I've met lots of cool people and dogs and it has been a great way to keep track of all the things in my day to day life - be it significant or not!!!

• I came across this quote which I still love
Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But performance indicates what the animal actually is."

• We had our first Outreach with Kim Collins and I have improved my handling more than I thought I would have in one year.
This is what I wrote about it last January:
Motivating and discouraging all at the same time, you just have to take what you can, and for me I am motivated to do better, and the things I am discouraged by, are the same things that motivate me to be better!!! If you don't admit you have things to work on or avoid the things that are difficult you, or make excuses and say you and your dog can't do something, you will never improve, and that for me was something she really emphasized, so homework here I come!!!!

• Kaleb got his ATCHC and Bronze Award of Merit, a great day! This dog will never grow up.
• Gyp now competes at the Masters level

• Kaleb cut his pad on a broken beer bottle, two days after the Agility trial, and he was off for a month! Poor guy!
• Kaleb turned 6!
• Kathy Keats seminar, herding and an Agility Trial rounded out the month

• Jane got her Silver Award of Merit! She was entered in 7 classes and Qd in 6.

• Jane turned 9!
• Jane took home the big bucks at the Rally Fun Match
• Gearing up for Regionals, our last trial before Regionals was in Medicine Hat
• Terry Simons Seminar was exhausting, but we learned a lot 
• Lots or retriever training!

• Kaleb got his first 2 Junior Hunter legs in Saskatoon
• Regionals! I was so happy with how all three did! And Gyp and K won their Steeplechase finals too!

• Lots of camping, hiking and Burt the Boler made his camping debut!
and when I wasn't working and camping ....
• Gearing up for Nationals ..... training, training, followed by more training

• Nationals in Sussex New Brunswick, probably one of my biggest highlights of the year!
Gyp 5th place overall and Kaleb 7th!!
• more camping with Burt the Boler, hiking, all that good stuff!
• Jane in her Pink Polka Dot lifejacket. I think this speaks for itself.
• Not a happy moment, but one that left a mark on me forever. A goodbye to Amanda's Sam I Am, what a dog, he we be missed always. We also said goodbye to Judy's great dogs Lukas and Bailey this year. They all have left me with some great memories.

• Gyp's month.
• Our 2 Year Anniversary with Gyppie
• Gyp gets her MAD title in the second weekend
• Gyp gets her ATCHC in the third weekend
... it was a good month.

• Hunting season begins. See you in 6 weeks Pete and Kaleb :)
• Our paddling pool blew away - we never did find it - sigh.
• Halloween :)
• Jane was dethroned, she is no longer the wiener dunking champion. That Wicca Beeotch.
• Our last trial of the year, a one dayer. We ended on a great note! I love this photo that Wendy took.
• Jane breaks her tooth and needs surgery = stress.
• Outreach with Kim Collins, oh my list is big for '09.
• Gyppie graduates from pre-school to Kindergarten in Herding - she got to go in the big Arena for the first time :)

• A low key month - finally!!
• jane gets her tooth surgery and comes through like a trooper! 
• Happy New Year! Looking forward to a SUPER '09!!!


sakemartyr said...

That's an awesome review! =)

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