Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter is Fun, for some ...

"Old Man Winter" has reared his black fuzzy head.

To get this effect, you need to totally cover your entire body in the snow, and make flat-coat angels. Look at his little teeth that is the best.

Matchy, Matchy!!!
 (well Jane usually doesn't wear her boots on walks, but she will pose in disgust.)
I had to find boots to match hers :), mine are rated to -40, I hope it doesn't get that cold.

A good game of tug with a toy that was buried under the snow is always a good game.
 It's like getting a brand new toy!

 more, more, more, more, more

HONK! if you love winter!!!


manymuddypaws said...


love your boots

onecollie said...

great pictures....HONK HONK!!! LOL!!
yes, I noticed you tagged me first...did you see I changed the blog post to include you too!!

miradukesadie said...

OMG I LOVE those boots! Where did you get them! I must have a pair. Also a question....if Jane doesn't wear her boots on walks where does she wear them?

Sarah said...

haha I got the boots at R & R in the mall, they are closing out and i got a smokin deal - they are sorels.

mostly jane wears her boots to the front door, then pouts, then i take them off then we go for a walk. or she'll start out wearing them then tear them off....

the other two HAPPILY wear their boots :0