Monday, April 20, 2009

Agility ... it has its ups and downs ...

Another Sunday up at 4am to play Agility... on the road at 4:30.

 I am beginning to think I am nuts - Pete thinks I am, as he got up with me and I dropped him off in Calgary at our friend Jeff's and they went fishing for the day (we had way more success than him today :) ). Another two weekends in a row coming up of early morning travelling. Did I mention I put 13,000km on my vehicle a year going to Agility Trials and Training? ouch.

I had Kaleb and Gyp entered in the 4 runs today and Jane in 3. And I've uploaded some runs, and running three dogs makes for long write-ups ....

First up: Masters Standard - Kaleb and Gyp
A really great course and technical, for the most part I was happy with how I handled it, the end however was really FUGLY. It was set up for the dogs to read it as a pinwheel, but we just needed to do the 180 (not the middle jump), this was tough, the dogs needed to see something different from the handler other than supporting the pattern of the pinwheel, so I had to handle it with that in mind. I posted the video but I would have loved to delete the last 4 obstacles from the video, I guess it wasn't that bad, but I could have done better. Gyp was GREAT, and somehow with the fugliness at the end she had the FASTEST Masters time of all the dogs, imagine if I had handled the end better, her time would have been even faster - she ran it in 40 seconds (57 was the SCT). Kaleb too had a great run he placed 1st in his class of 9 dogs!!!!!

Next: Steeplechase: The Three Amigos
A cool course, not the most straight forward Steeplechase, but it ran really well. 

It's always a gamble entering Jane - will there be 2 sets of weaves - or 2 A-frames? Today there was 2 sets of weaves *sigh, not that she is a really bad weaver - she is just slow (due to my great training  8 years ago) :) I knew she would be fast as she broke she start line and took of without me - IT WAS AWESOME! I love when she does that! I LOVE FAST JANER!

Gyp again was super, this dog is just too ... I don't even know the word. We just click and we trust eachother. On this course I trusted she would nail a weave entrance without me, and she trusts I will give her the right direction. Did I ever say how much I love this dog? She is just so Gyppie.

My K-man came up lame on this run, if he balks at a jump and pops the poles twice after I resend him again, there is something WRONG - so we stopped I talked to the judge and we left the course, he was obviously stiff in the back right leg - he was fine in his first run of the day, so I'm not sure what is going on. I gave him a nice massage and lots of cool down. My poor boy ... more on this later

SNOOKER! Again, the Three Amigos participated
I gave Kaleb a good 10 minute warm up - lots of trotting and looking at his movement and flexion. We did 3 7s and the 2, he did good and Qd but after looking at the Video, he was just not 100%, again he is not "lame", but just "off". I pulled him Jumpers at the end of the day and he just got to hang out with me.

Gyp was Gyp .... we attempted the 4 7s again - it was the teeter. We got through the 4 7s - but it wasn't pretty .... then she bit the wrong tunnel entrance on #4 TWEET!  

Jane was super cute and we did 3 7s and the 2 - by the time she was over the teeter the 3rd time, I think she thought I was nuts! But it was a good run and she 1st and Qd!

JUMPERS: Gyp and Jane (kaleb was pulled)
I had a bad handling moment a serp into a push through, I over rotated a bit and Gyp balked at the jump and was called on a refusal, otherwise it was a beautiful run!

Jane had an off course .. so I made the best of it ... and I pinched her bum going into the rest of the tunnels on course, she loves that was she was so happy  and spunky coming off the course! There was a few people chuckling :)

So I have lots to work on with the gang, but most of all I hope Kaleb recovers soon.

Here are some videos, enjoy!


Matt said...

Mr & I watched together. He barked as he cheered on little Janie.

Good job girls

manymuddypaws said...

that's weird about K- poor guy- maybe he slipped or something!

i am glad Janie was having fun!

and gyp rocks.

Kim said...

Great runs, Sarah! Jane was flying . . . very cute.

I hope Kaleb is feeling better soon.

Sarah said...

jane flies ... until the weave poles LOL!!!

Nicki said...

we're all crazy. We should just get over it and have fun!