Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kaleb is man enough to wear pink

I was asked if this photo could be used for a fundraiser for a 
woman who is a dog walker in New York, and who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
At the time my cousin was just finishing her chemotherapy from her 
breast cancer battle, she is now in recovery, 
here is hoping the cancer is gone for good.

This photo was shot last summer to cheer up my cousin,
and I was honoured to be asked to use it for this fundraiser, 
and I wish Lisa the best in her fight.


BCxFour said...

That picture is stunning and the meaning makes it even more so. You have a true gift.

Paws on the Run said...

cool! the ad looks great!

amanda, not wendy

Marcy said...

That is way cool Sarah.

fulltiltbcs said...


Diana said...

Very nice. I have a friend that 10 years ago , at the age of 38, was dx with breast cancer. Golf ball size tumor, aggresive. They gave her 10 % odds of beating it. Guess what. She did. Diana

Judy said...

That is an awesome pictureSarah!...although one of the calmer ones of the K-man