Sunday, April 12, 2009

mud and water = fun!


more mud.

Kaleb waiting patiently for his turn. Sometimes they race each other for the toy, other times we practice being patient. This is not photoshopped, he does have 'some' self-control. 

See Kaleb gets a turn, and Grammy gets more muddy ...

mine at last!

i want the #$%^@#$ toy! "Little Miss Perfect" swears like a sailer, it's true.

haha mine, sucka.


onecollie said...

ewww, yucky mud!! Great shot of miss "sailor" gyp!!

Nicki said...

I love the photo of Kaleb running with the toy

Kim said...

I hope that Kaleb and Gyp are going to chip in some of their allowance to get Grandma some new shoes!

Grandma is a very good sport - the pups must love having her around.

Sarah said...

she wore her "rubber shoes" just rinse and go!

She is pretty "Kaleb" smart after these years - wear clothes that can get muddy and that can handle wet dogs shaking on you!

They do LOVE having her around!!
So do I :)

Jules said...

Awesome Gyppie photo - she looks WILD!