Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it just hit me.

I was looking on good 'ol facebook and a friend posted something that really hit me, and I had never thought of it before. "that at this point in her life, her dog Kes has been a 1/4 part of her whole life."

Jane is coming 10 in a couple weeks, and she at 10 has been a part of a 1/3 of my whole life. 

I would say the best 1/3 yet. 

I am happy and sad all at the same time when I think about it.

Getting old-er is a bitch.


dogzoomies said...

Whoa. That made me realize that this year, my 'pups' have been with me for 1/3 of my life too. Ben turns 11 very soon on Cinco de Mayo! Cheers to all the golden oldies (meant most endearingly!!)!

Nicki said...

Oreo is 14-and has been with me nearly 1/2 my life!