Monday, September 14, 2009

Diarrhea, Agility and a couple of ASSES.

We'll get the shitty stuff out of the way first ....

Nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea .... That is how my weekend started. Kaleb was really sick last week - no eating for 2 days, bloody stool a few days before. We were heading to Kimberley BC for an Agility Trial and I needed him to get to the Vet STAT - I didn't want to have him get any more sick. So an hour before we were to leave, the vet got him in (YAYAY), and like last year he has Gastroenteritis ... the tummy flu. He probably ate or drank some bad water ... I think it was from a smoked bone he had (never given him one like that - they normally get raw), and it gave him gut rot.

Anyways by Friday night, his appetite was back, and he was barking his head off and being obnoxious (I love my boy). He has lots of small meals over the weekend and that seemed to help too. And his guts seem back to almost normal now.

I wasn't sure I would be running him at the trial. So we entered the Gamble ring, and he was BACK!!! He nailed the Gamble and the rest of the weekend was icing on the cake. I was just so happy he was feeling better.

The Agility Stuff ...
Kaleb brought home 5 Q's
Masters Gamblers - Q 1st Place
Masters Standard x 3!! - Qs 1st Places - He also earned his 40th Masters Standard Q!!!!!
Masters Snooker (not sure of the placement)

Then on to Gyppie .... ups and downs ....
She started out running great, but by the middle of the first day she seemed off, I pulled her from a course and a few minutes later she started dropping a shoulder. So I pulled her for the rest of the day, and massaged, rested, and walked her. It was off and on. Not a major limp, just an intermittent shoulder drop. I couldn't find anything obvious. So the next morning I waiting to see how she was. She seemed fine the next moring so we ran our Standard, and she was great, no issues in warm up or on the course. About 10 minutes into the cool down her gait was off again. So I pulled her for the next 2 runs and gave her a full massage, rest and a few small walks. 7 hours after the standard was jumpers, I took her out for 2 small warmups to see how she was, and again, she was fine UGH. So I ran her in jumpers, and since that run, she seems fine again!

So I am not sure if she banged her leg, her shoulder or what. I know one thing for sure, her feet are a little tender from the hard, dry wood chips ... so fingers crossed all is OK

Gyp Qd in 3 of the 4 runs she ran.
Masters Standard - 1st and Qs x 2
Master Jumpers - 1st and Q (Second fastest Jumpers time)

Then on to the ASSES (Agility Spousal Supporters)...

Pete and Aaron (Jo's hubby), are officially, so we had to recognize. They've been to 3 trials in a row. Regionals, Nationals, and this trial, yep total

The biggest A.S.S., Ray couldn't make it this weekend, but he wasn't forgotten, he is the original A.S.S. afterall.
What a nice way to spend their 5th wedding anniversary ... in a tent trailer at an Agility Trial :)

Camp Go! Dog! Go! set up at the Agility Trial

This is a a great trial, we hung out, ate, drank played agility, and looked at the stars in the sky which were amazing at night. It sucks to pack up and go home after a weekend like this!

Out group did AWESOME, an agility debut, lots of Qs, lots of titles and 2 MADS! the GDG site will be updated soon with results! What a great group we have.


BCxFour said...

I LOVE the A.S.S. shirt! Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a 5th anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!

(sorry about the gut rot, glad he is doing better!)

manymuddypaws said...

i love the shirts. totally awesome.

Sarah said...

It wasn't our anniversary, it was Jo and Aarons :)

our LUCKY 13 is this week .... hehe

TAG ALONG said...

Great Pic of The ASS'S... I love those shirts... had a great weekend with you guys

Yuraccypark Designs said...

LOL @t A.S.S haha that to way original idea

fulltiltbcs said...


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