Monday, September 21, 2009

My little girl retires.

photo by Wendy Devent

My first dog, first agility dog, and best teacher retired this weekend from Agility competition. I knew the time was coming I was just having a hard time with it. It means Jane is getting older and I don't like it one bit.

She was entered in Gamblers and Jumpers on Saturday, and she ran he little heart out, she Qd and placed 1st in both of her classes. It was like running Jane as a youngster she was so full of piss and vinegar. I'll have videos posted soon!!!

The after effects of her being stiff and having muscle spasms that are just not worth running her, and this has showed up in the last year. And it really opened my eyes this weekend. We came off the jumpers course and we were cooling down and heading back to our friends, and I had thought she had tripped, but her right back end was buckled underneath her. She tried to get up and she fell onto her side. I can't get the image out of my head, it was so disturbing and awful. Nothing like that has ever happened to her, and I hope it never does again. I sat her up and her whole back and right rear end was so tight, I managed to massage her and walk her out and all seems OK now. She has a heart murmer and it is quite strong, so I wonder if her heart can't pump enough blood to her muscles when they are fatigued, and it was really hot that day too, as well as her body can't get rid of the lactic acid build up which causes the muscles to spasm and cramp. In any case her retirement couldn't have come at a better time, that was her way of telling me. There is no denying that.

That night at dinner, my friends surprised me with an awesome book of greetings and Agility photos from over the years. As well as a cake with our photo on it and "Jane Retires to her Throne", it was so special, and I still can't stop tearing up. I read the book again last night and I just couldn't stop crying, it has really hit me now.

I love my Janey girl. She is the most loyal, loving little dog. Yes she has her issues, and will always be dog aggressive, but most people don't know this about her and have never seen it, because it is managed to the best of my ability. She was a dog that couldn't be in the same room with a group of dogs without trying to take their faces off, or walk down the street without snarling as a young pup. After a years of hard work she is a dog who ignores those around her and gets compliments on how well behaved she is in everyday situations, and she could even run at National Agility competitions with no issues.

We overcame a lot, and those who REALLY know her, know how much work it was. Our bond is so strong and different than my other dogs because of those early years, and the hours upon hours of building the trust and team we became, and it was worth every cookie. We trust eachother and most of all respect eachother, and I swear she can read my mind. We had 7.5 years in the agility ring together, and I am so grateful for that.

She was the first Jack Russell In Alberta with an ATCHC, she placed at all 6 AAC Regional events she ran in, she placed on the podium at a National Agility event, but most of all she always tried her hardest for me, even when she was stressed and I was stressed, and at the end of each day, she still cuddled under the covers with me in the bed.

We plan to spend her retirement years taking long walks, going for car rides, fishing, eating Tinbits, camping and playing with the jolly ball whenever her heart desires. I also hope to do some Rally obedience Trials when we can. She owes me nothing, I am forever in debt to her for what she taught me, and for what I could then pass onto others. Happy retirement Janey, you deserve it.

- 2nd Place 6" Veteran division AAC Regionals
- SILVER Award of Merit AAC Agility

- 2nd Place 6" Veteran division AAC Regionals

- 3rd Place 10" division AAC Regionals

- Jane recieves BRONZE Award of Merit from AAC Agility
- Jane placed 14th of 28 at the 2006 Nationals in Burnaby
- 2nd Place 10" division AAC Regionals
- APDT Rally Level 1 title and Award of excellence for her high scores

- 6th place overall in the 10" division at AAC Agility National Championships
- ATCHC, first JRT in Alberta
- 4th Place 10" division AAC Regionals
- AJRTC 2005 Trial Agility Champion

3rd Place 10" division AAC Regionals
- Competed at AAC Nationals in Montreal
- AJRTC Trial Agility Champion
- AJRTC Reserve Obedience Champion

2nd Place 10" division AAC Regionals


manymuddypaws said...

you totally made me teary. jane has been an amazing agility dog- and I am very grateful to have been a tiny part of that. happy retirement janie!

Sarah said...

Amanda, you were more than a little part of that.

You were there from the beginning, and thank you so much for making her retirement so special. It means more than you will ever know.

onecollie said...

Happy Retirement Jane!!!!

Jules said...

Happy retirement, Jane. What a special journey you two have shared.

BCxFour said...

Now I am misty and the screen is blurry...what a special journey you have been on with her.

Happy retirement Jane!

angie said...

what a great career! and now she gets to do what we all dream of doing, NOTHING! well deserved, little one. :)

Nicki said...

First dogs are amazing. Glad she had so many years in the ring. Enjoy retirement!

Yuraccypark Designs said...

lovely =o) congratulations to your girl well done and congrats to you too Sarah

Leanne said...

I love your Jane, for herself and because she reminds me so much of my JRT cross Kim. I stumbled across your blog a while back and just kept coming back for more stories of your little white dog.

I'm more than a little teary eyed right now, partly for your Jane and partly for my Kim; time passes too quickly, especially for the first dogs.

Happy retirement Jane!