Thursday, September 10, 2009

The odd couple

If you see a black Toaster pulling an Egg heading westward this weekend, honk and wave :) please don't point and laugh ...
We are off to Kimberley for their AAC Trial this weekend. I love this trial. It is small layed back, and the best part is staying right on Karin's property, drinking with friends, oh and playing Agility :) and the forecast looks GREAT this weekend! Fingers crossed.

Here is a photo of Gyp from Kimberley - her first road trip, back when she was being "fostered" 3 years to the day today, I had her about 10 days at that time. I had just bought her that pretty collar, and we spent the whole trip picking names for her, but I was fostering... After 4 hours of thinking of names, she ended up being Gyp afterall. She sure has matured since then. She looked so puppyish and hairless at 20 months old.

I'll have updates from the Weekend on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!


Loretta Mueller said...

YEAH KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenilee said...

I luv me some glad you fostered her lol! And so glad you didn't change her name to Neena lol!

Sarah said...

hehe i love me some Gyppie too :)

Neena is her middle name FYI :) for real it is :)