Friday, September 4, 2009

Life's a beach.

What do you do when it is +34 C (95F) ... you go to the beach ... or the river in our case.

Jane LOVES to Sun Tan. And yes she does wear her SPF!
There is room for one more ... anyone want to join me?

Objects in this photo, seem larger than they really are ... or are they, Gyppie Big Feet.

Objects in this photo, are wetter than they appear, though he does look pretty wet ...

Did someone say my feets' too big?
On occasion Gyp gives the stink eye, she is a little sensitive about the big-feet thing.

Hey Grammy, I wanna ride on that thing, do you need help blowing it up?

I'll save you Grammy!!
Kaleb to the rescue, ya real helpful there buddy.

Stay tuned for Jane's adventure on the Pink Airmatress....

Happy Long weekend everyone!

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Yuraccypark Designs said...

how cool enjoy the long weekend =o)