Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Results and Videos

I had to give Jane the limelight on her own one more time ... here are her 2 runs from the weekend :)
What a good girlie she is!! Happy Retirement Jane, let's go fishin'!!

Now I can talk about Gyp and Kaleb. They ran GREAT this weekend. Really they couldn't have been better or faster, my handling however wasn't as stellar, not bad, some improvements, but I had a few duh moments... but we learn from mistakes right?

Gyp came home with 4 Q's
2 Masters Gambers Q's and 2 - 1sts (tied for the highest points with Wicca on Gambler 1)

1 Masters Jumpers 1st and Q (FASTEST time of ALL the Masters dogs!!) I was really proud of this run, it was a tough course and I handled the best way I could.

1 Masters Snooker 1st and Q (highest points - tied with Kaleb ... of all dogs to tie with!!)

Our other non-Qing runs were really good too...

The Challenge class was AWESOME. Gyp was killing it out there, until I gave her a late cue and she took and off course on the second LAST obstacle DUM SARAH!! Still I was so proud of that run, Q or no Q!! It was not an easy course.

Our Standard was great too, she stepped on the chute coming off the A-Frame 5 Faults, but an otherwise nice run. After those 5 faults I really challenged my handling, and I'm glad you report it worked!! Again no Q in that run, but I left the course feeling GREAT about it! And my contacts are better since I am not saying TARGET too early.

Steeplechase I got greedy and lazy, and should have just done the damn cross. Instead I didn't support a jump and she turned with me and we got an off course. Otherwise a wonderful FAST run.

Sometimes you learn MORE from the runs you don't Q in, and that was this weekend FOR SURE, and I am glad I learned from that.

The K-man was on once again, he is on a roll these days. He Qd in 5 of his 7 classes.
Gamblers 2 - 2 Place and Q
Standard - 2nd and Q
Snooker - 1st and Q
Jumpers - 2nd and Q
Steeplechase - 1st and Q
Gyp was commentating in the background ....Kaleb tied with Gyp for the highest points in that run! They both finished to the end ... Gyp just did it quicker than Kaleb :)

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