Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot vs. Cold

We have had some wicked warm, dare I say HOT weather these last few weeks. I love every sweaty, dehydrating, sun burned second of it. It means one less day of cold until next summer :)

The dogs agree with me 100%
Winter means: no swimming, no outdoor Agility, wearing jackets and boots, warming up the car, scraping windshields. Sounds fun right?
(it was -34c on this day, the coldest day I recall living here. This photo is the only good thing to happen that day)

Kaleb likes the cold ... a little too much... disturbing isn't it?

I prefer to keep this image in my head ... green grass, blue sky = happy

keep the warm weather coming ...


Deirdre said...

I love how in the top photo Gyp and Jane are cursing your name for putting the stupid, uncomforatable boots on their paws. Then there is Kalab (the calmest I have ever seen him) just looking like he's saying, in a whiny voice "awww, we have to wear these?"

Sarah said...

haha totally!!

The Borders Of Insanity said...

I agree - keep on coming with the amazing hot weather!! One less day in the year of having to plug my car in is totally up my alley!

...except apparently it's supposed to start cooling down this weekend. *curses* I'm still holding out for a Brown Christmas!!

Nicki said...

I agree-no cold weather!

ramin said...

But Kaleb, as a true flatcoat knows that snows is just weird water. So it's perfectly fine to romp around in.

In fact, winter means swimming all the time!