Tuesday, March 1, 2011

-30C, and I'm running in my shorts

How nice it is to go for a run in my shorts with my little pal at my side :)

One of the best investments we ever made is our wicked awesome treadmill. We bought it last month for those days that are so awful you just shouldn't be outside. And as well for my rehab ... and well, Gyp's rehab too!

I never saw the need for a Treadmill, and NEVER thought I would put a dog on one. And it also MUCH easier on my knee than running on cement. Why use a treadmill, when I can run outside? Well -30 windchill sucks ass. That's why.

It has been a process to get Gyp on the scary noise-moving thingy. Knowing she would be hesistant about it, we started out just by treating for going on it. Then I did a few short sessions (30 seconds) with it at a slow walk. Gyp would plant herself to the floor. Finally we got up to 2 minutes at a walk, with me strattling her while standing on the sides. Then EUREKA! I fit beside her. From that day on, it's been smooth sailing. We built up to 10 minutes at a walk (while she did a light jog) and she did great. Now we do 20 minutes and she can do a nice extended trot and I can do a light jog. I usually have the incline anywhere from a 3 - 6. Just us, side by side, me and my little buddy. When we are done, we stop and feed her on the treadmill a few treats for her good work, then an OK to release and we do her (and my) stretches. She is doing so well with it, it is amazing. The pay off has also passed onto elevators, for our past 2 visits at the Seniors homes, the elevator hasn't phased her at all - she no longer thinks the sky is falling.

Then there is Kaleb ... he took to it right away, the dog has no fear, and thinks everything is a game ... he gives'er on it. And as an FYI I keep him and Gyp on a lead just layed over the arm of the treadmill, so they will never get hung up on it - they can jump off if they had too.


sagechronicles said...

I've been wanting to get Sage on a treadmill! Glad to see you were so successful.

I just gave you an award! Come to my site to collect it.

angie said...

so cute! i love dogs on treadmills.

Nicki said...

We've had our treadmill for several years and I rarely run outside. I don't like the cold for one (which eliminates part of the year). Also I watched one too many 48 hours where the young female jogger disappears. I only run outside when Jerry is with me.

Nicki said...

And I totally need to get Legend on the treadmill to wear her down some nights and Lyric to get into better shape!