Friday, March 18, 2011

me, myself and i

me, myself and i :: 3/12/Gyp, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Gyppie still can't do free running, so while I was playing ball with Kaleb poor Gyppie had to wait and watch ... but being the good Border Collie she is, she stays put in one spot ... she just enjoys barking her head off in frustration. So do I.

We'll continue rehabbing together, and we'll be back in the ring, better than ever!

Gyp has been on restricted exersize since November due to a groin pull (Psoas group of muscles), she now has the go ahead to do more extented strength and endurance exersizes and we'll see how her muscles holds up. It's been hard work, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Even with my surgery I am still able to do all her stretching, and thankfully I have the best guy in the world who takes her and Kaleb jogging everynight :)

I do my exercises 3 times a day right now, so Gyp and I do ours together - Kaleb does them too, to keep him in shape.

I feel pretty good - there is really no pain at all in my knee, it hurt worse last week before the surgery.

I was able to bend it another 4" yesterday compared to day 2. So I'm hoping in the next day or two I am able to bend it another 2 or 3".

I stopped taking the Tylenol 3s on Wednesday after barf-fest 2011. Now I am just taking Advil, and actually just Advil Cold & Sinus as I have a wicked head cold.

It was a good day yesterday, Pete's sister dropped me off an edible Arrangement made of fruit that is dipped in chocolate, presented as a bouquet .... ya I ate it all. My neighbor brought me over a fruit basket which was super nice, and Kaleb proceeded to jump at it, grabbed a Banana and high tailed it to the yard - it was classic Kaleb. I think I must stink because my mom brought me some new lounging clothes, apparently wearing the same thing for 3 days isn't a good thing?? I like visitors .... it makes the days go much quicker.

Well back to the couch I go - today I am getting back to some work - which I am actually looking forward too, now that I have my brain function MOSTLY back.

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onecollie said...

killing myself laughing picturing Kaleb exercising to stay in shape & running off with the banana ! LOL!
Can't wait to own one :))