Monday, March 14, 2011

age is nuthin' but a number.

age is nuthin' but a number., originally uploaded by sarah ....

9 years young, and still giv'en 'er. 63 in dog years that is.

I hope when I'm 63 I can still run like that :)

I go in for knee surgery this week, so I am cherishing my last few days of running with the dogs, and looking forward to when I can go "balls to the wall" again, as they say :)


Judy said...

The K-man is looking better than ever....considering the FC who got Best in Show at Crufts is 9.5 yr the best is yet to come with Kaleb.

All the best with your surgery!

katie said...

He looks great!
Good luck with your surgery. I hope all goes smoothly.

onecollie said...

Good Luck with your surgery Sarah !!!
Will be thinking good thoughts for you & your "balls" LOL!!!!!

The Thundering Herd said...

Love the picture of Kaleb. Best of luck and quick recovery.