Sunday, March 20, 2011

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

an apple a day :: 11/52

Since Thursday, I have felt like someone was squeezing my head in a vice, stomping on it with a big boot, then spinning me around and punching me in the gut. Sounds fun eh?

I feel so detached from the real world and my regular routine, it is not a fun feeling at all.

But the good news is - my knee feels great!! YIPPEE!!

I had to hide for 2 days in my bedroom with the curtains closed, and could only come out to the rest of the house when it got darker. Like a friggin Vampire - but not the cool kind, the ugly scary kind. I am still not sure if it was the Flu, bit more than likely a side-effect from the Spinal Epidural I had. A small amount of Spinal fluid can leak and then wreaks havoc with Nausea and Killer headaches, especially when sitting up or standing. I could only lay flat without feeling like shit. Not fun. Do you know how annoying it is to have to lay still? I am so sick of laying horizontal.

Pete has been amazing - jogging with the dogs because he knows how important it is for them to remain fit - and he secretly enjoys it too, he has done all the housework, cooked for me, fed the dogs, held my hand, rubbed my feet, made me tea. I think I'll keep him.

Today is 100% better, and last night even went to friends for supper last night - and thankfully they had a nice recliner and dimmed the lights for me as the headache was still lingering :) It felt good to get out of my house. I am going a little KOO KOO for coco puffs.

Thankfully I get to look at this face all day long ... I have it pretty good.


Introducing ... Franken-knee!!

Here's hoping for a better week ahead.


Diana said...

You knee looks great!! Hardly any swelling or bruising. I hope you have a better week and the headache goes away.

Jenilee said...'d better be careful or I might try to steal Pete away with cheesecake or something;)! Just kidding! Glad you got out of the house...that would be hard for anyone!

onecollie said...

awww good boy Kaleb, you keep mama company :), now give mama the apple :))
Your knee actually looks pretty good considering it was ripped wide open!
Glad the headache is dispersing too , get well!

scruffy dog photography said...

sorry you're feeling so crappy ... but glad you've got such great help. i SO should have taken photos of my shattered ankle 7 yrs ago ... that would have put your eensey teensey stitches to shame. :)

hope they gave you the good drugs. it was my ankle mess that introduced me to the wonderful world of percocets. :)

Kim said...

Your knee is looking much better than the photos from a couple days ago. Hopefully the whole headache thing is under control now too.

Kaleb is such a good boy :)

manymuddypaws said...

the knee looks awesome! you will be back in no time. wow. that's amazing.

Judy said...

Too bad about the headache and the vertigo....sounds scary.
Thankfully you have Pete and the doggies to make reality worthwhile! Your knee looks good. Hopefully you can try it out soon

gussysmom said...

Glad to hear you're getting better every day Sarah! Keep up the good work.